Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Crochet Baby Props

After Bryson was born my sweet friend Kersandra took some newborn photos for us. They turned out so cute, and I am so grateful that we have these great pictures to look back on. If you are in the Colorado area and need a photographer give her a call.

I did not have time after Bryson was born, but I wanted to make a few things that Kersandra could use for her future photo shoots. I made a baby cocoon and a long elf hat. They turned out really cute, even though my model is no longer a newborn.
I can't believe this baby wore a 6 month sized outfit yesterday. So sad how fast they grow.
He is still very cute, even if he can't fit into a baby cocoon.
I did not even try the hat on him, I knew it would be too small.
I got to see the hat on my friends newborn, and I assure you it is just precious on a little baby head.
I need to get to work on a cute winter hat for Bryson's little head. Maybe big brother needs a matching one. Too bad I have to actually care for them instead of making cute things for them all the time. ; ) Hope everyone is having a great week. We have family in town, but I hope to stop by to show off some things I have been working on. See you soon!

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