Saturday, April 30, 2011

ABC art

I wanted to have some kind of art for the baby's room, but I was not ready to spend a bunch of money. I had a canvas that I had bought last year, and though I was planning on using for something else, who knows when that would happen so I thought it would be much better in the baby's room. This is really the only thing on the walls as of yet, but I will put something else up once we know what this little one is. Excitingly the baby's room is pretty much finished. Just in time huh? My personal deadline was May 1st, so I am happy that I am done.
For the ABC art I used a white canvas and used tape to make straight edges and painted the side and edges red. I used some fabric that I got from IKEA, and some heat n bond iron on adhesive to put on the letters.
I wish some of the letters showed up better, but I think you can still tell what they say. It is easier to see in person also. I really like it, and I think it adds a cute touch to the baby's room. Oh did I mention since I had everything already, it was free? Love that price.

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