Friday, April 22, 2011

Baby Girl Coming Home Outfit

Since I haven't made enough stuff for this baby (ya right), I wanted to make some coming home outfits for the baby.  For possible baby Abigail Lynn I made the Prudent baby, 10 minute onezie dress
 I added a ribbon and yo-yo flower to the top of the oneszie also. It is still comfy for baby, but I think cute. I did not want the skirt super full, but if I made this again, which I will if the baby is an Abby, then I would make it much fuller.
Of course any little girl of mine will need some accessories. This headband was only 49 cents at Hobby Lobby. I added a rolled fabric flower to a barrette so that the barrette can come off.
Of course I have a back up outfit in case the dress does not fit, or if she really is a girl, she will need more clothes. This is the only girl outfit I have bought, I also got two girly gowns,but that is it. This was only $5 at Costco, how could I resist? There will be some serious shopping if this baby is a girl.
I had a daisy flower lying around, so I added that with a button to a barrette, and used my 49 cent headband.
What will I do with these things if the baby is a boy? The dress I will most likely keep and save for a future possible girl. The other outfit? Well it is a good thing I know 13 other pregnant ladies!
Only one more month until my due date! I cannot wait to meet this little one, and see if it is a boy or girl! 

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  1. You're right. If it is a girl, there will have to be serious shopping!! Love, Mom


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