Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Boy Bumper

When making the baby's bedding, I knew I did not want to do all gender neutral stuff so I decided to make both a boy and girl bumper. I reused Brady's old bumper pad, so that saved some money.
 I used a car fabric form IKEA that matches the primary colors in the rest of the room. It was not very hard to do, but it was quite hard to sew. I sewed each piece encasing the bumper pad, and then added the binding around all edges. Even with a presser foot for my sewing machine it was very thick and cumbersome to sew.
 Lastly I added the ties, made from the stripe fabric, and sewed down the bumper at all the places where the bumper would be at a corner in the crib. It is definitely not perfect, and if you look closely you can see many imperfections. It was quite a learning experience, and you would think it would have made the 2nd, girl bumper easier. I didn't.
But, the baby will probably never sleep with the bumper on the crib. The first few moths baby will be in our room in a bassinet. Once baby moves into it's crib, for safety we use a separate special breathable bumper. And therefore this is for pure decoration purposes only.
Regardless, I think it is super cute, and it looks great in the room. Just a few more things and the room will be all pulled together. Check back for the girl version of the bumper.

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