Thursday, April 28, 2011

Baby Boy Coming Home Outfit

Well, we do not know what this baby boy's name will be, but he will look cute at least! I know a ton of baby boys being born, so I am sure this will find good use if baby is a girl.
I used Made by Rae's newborn pants pattern, but altered it slightly. I really hope it fits, we will see.
The pants even have a little tag so he knows Mommy made them with love.
The onesie has a simple star applique on it. I used heat and bond, and a zig zag stitch around the edges.
Super simple, but I still think it is really cute.

Just like with the baby girl, I have a back up plan. This is honestly one of Brady's old outfits, so I will feel bad if it is a boy, and the outfit I made does not fit. Just not nearly as cute as the baby girl back up outfit.
Special thanks to my photo Assistant.
Should not be too long now. I really cannot wait to meet this baby, and see what it is. Then the sewing can really start!

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