Thursday, January 27, 2011

Blanket Bundle

I am going to try to do some catch up blogging today, due to being sick this week, (I am the worst sick person), and a computer crash. The laptop finally died. After Brady attempted to snap it in two a year ago, it never worked the same. A quarter of the screen was gone, but we dealt with it. I felt bad for my poor husband using it for work. For the past few months the battery has been dead, but we were okay with it as long as it was plugged in. I knew it was on it's way down, so before Christmas I saved all of our important things, and pictures to discs. The laptop had become our main computer due to the home pc being like 9 years old and super slow! The past few weeks, the laptop would no longer stay on if plugged in. It started to where the plug would have to be just right, then it needed to be held in with pressure, then finally it would not stay on at all. I tried to work with it yesterday but even while holding the plug in, it would not work. I am so thankful that I saved everything so recently. We really lost very little, just a few fun craft ideas that I have no time to do anyway! We got a new laptop last night, and I love being able to see the screen, and the fact that it can come unplugged, imagine that! Now I am back to blogging!

My Grandmother made Brady and I little fleece blanket bundles. They are cozy, and include the pillow, and are so perfect for traveling. Anytime Brady sleeps away from home, he brings his. It was perfect to have while I was working, so that he could have a bit of home with him for naps. In fact he sleeps with his almost every night.

It a great size when unfolded, and super comfy.
 The pillow fits in the pocket, and so does the blanket, ready to travel. So cute with his name on it.
 He had to have a picture of how he sleeps on it.
 I have one too. In a zebra print. They are perfect, thanks Grandma!  

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  1. These are so great! I wonder if I could just add a pocket to my kid's fleece blankets to add a small travel pillow. Thanks for sharing!

    Your blog is just darling. I am your newest follower! Have a great weekend!



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