Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Toddler Head Rest

For someone who's New Year's goal was to blog more consistently, I am not doing a very good job, am I? I have millions of excuses, but lets just say, today is a new day!

Over the holidays, when we went to Texas, we drove! It was 1000 miles each way, with a very active two year old. We drove an additional 1000 miles, just while in Houston, no wonder we don't live there! We tried to plan our trip so that Brady would sleep in the car for most of our drive. It did not necessarily work out that way, but that was okay, thanks only to Toy Story 3.

I made something for Brady, so that hopefully when he did sleep in the car he would be a bit more comfortable.
He is pretending to be asleep in this picture, sadly he did not actually use it as much as I hoped, and would complain about his neck hurting, (I tried).

First you start with a C type shape. With fabric on one side, and cozy fleece on the other. Right sides will be together.
 For the second try and your first try (more on that later), when folded over, it was about the size of of sheet of paper.  8.5" x 11", hotdog orientation. Next you sew around the the edges, leaving a space for turning and stuffing.   
 Before you turn it right side out and stuff, you want to clip the curves. Clips for convex curves, notches for concave curves. Here is a great link.
 And of course always clip your corners.
 Now, turn right side out, stuff with poly-fill, hand sew opening shut, and realize that it is way too small!

I rarely get things right the first time, especially without a pattern, so it was no surprise that this did not work.
The second time, I made it bigger, making it as big as the full sheet of paper, and it turned out great!  
 Perfect for a sleepy kid on the go. Safe travels!

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