Thursday, January 20, 2011

Tooth Fairy Pillow

As you will see from the next few blog posts, I come from a line of very talented women. Both of my Grandmother's are excellent artists and painters. They are also fantastic seamstresses. My Great-Grandma was an amazing hand quilter. Looking at some of her quilts just amazes me. My Great-Aunt was a great quilter and she made a living making beautiful ceramics. And my mom is a great crafter, when she wants to be.

Today I wanted to show off  a Christmas present Brady received this year. It is a tooth fairy pillow made by my Grandma.
Isn't so cute? I love the hand embroidery. And of course the back has a little pocket for a newly lost tooth.
Even though Brady is awhile off from losing any teeth, he loves it and sleeps with it most nights.
It reminds me of a certain pillow I had when I was a girl.
It also has a perfect pocket for lost teeth.
My Great-Grandma made it for me, and I slept with it long after all my teeth were lost. It has had a lot of use, and it shows, but it will make another little girl happy someday, I am sure.

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