Thursday, January 27, 2011


What I wanted to show you today is all of the beautiful quilts I have. I really want to make a quilt this year. In fact I have at least 3 in mind. I just need to execute, as with every other craft. These quilts are so inspiring to me, and it amazes me how talented my family is.

The pictures may not be the greatest, but I was not about to lay these out of the lawn, so they will have to do.

The first quilt is a smaller/child sized quilt that Jeremy's Grandma made for him when he was young. Brady is modeling just exactly how you sleep with the quilt.
 Second is my butterfly quilt that my Great Aunt made for me. It is a really well machine quilted quilt. Although I am not sure if sure did some hand stiching, like the binding, or not. We still sleep with this one, and it is our most functional quilt.  
 This quilt is the most sentimental for me. My great-grandmother made it for me, just as she made all the Grandkids a quilt. I really loved this quilt, and it shows. I finally made myself put it away and stop using it several years ago after it was starting to get really worn down. She did all hand quilting and it is really amazing, I cannot imagine how long it must have taken.
 Here is just some of the proof that this quilt has been well loved and used. Just getting it out and looking at it made me want to snuggle up with it and take a nice nap. I love that thing.
 This last one is a very special quilt. My Grandmother entrusted it to me recently, and I am very honored. It was made by my Grandmother's, Grandmother's sister-in-law. (I think that is right, Grandma correct me if I am wrong.) So that would be my Great-Great Grandmother's Sister-in-law. The age of it is not quite known, but considering my great-Grandma was born in the late 1800's, I would think it has to be over 100 years old.
 It is so beautiful, and the detail is amazing. It was all hand quilted, and must have taken years! My Grandma thinks it might have been a kit, that comes together and you sew. The picture seriously does not do it justice, and it is in such great condition.
 Once we expand our house and finish our basement, I hope to use it in the guest room because it is so pretty.
I love quilts and all of the work and love that goes into them. I thankful to have these, and ready to try to make some of my own!  

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