Thursday, January 13, 2011

The Hat Parade

For Christmas presents this year, I made a million hats. Okay just 15 or so, but it felt like a million. They are all crocheted in different styles. Most patterns and ideas came from this wonderful site. I am not good at following crochet patterns, so I mostly used them as a guideline, and learned on my own. (Therefore, I really have no patterns, sorry  if you are looking for some. But I can point you in the right direction, just ask.)

I made this frog hat the most. Brady, my nephew Zack, cousin Justin, and friend Hudson all got one.
 I made a hat like this for my niece Chelsey, and cousin Riley.
 This one was for tween nephew, Shawn.
 This one was one of my favorites, for little Megan, my friends daughter.
 One like this for cousin Jordan, and my friend's other daughter, Maddy.
 This one was for teen cousin, Nick.
 My favorite, so tiny, for newborn baby cousin, Olivia.
 And the last picture, teen cousin, Alex.
Here are my cute cousin's modeling their hats.  
Sadly I forgot to take pictures of one of my favorites. I made my stepsister a fun beanie in all different colors. It fits her personality perfectly. Even Jerm said, "that is funky, but she will love it."
Lastly my stepbrother got a plain black beanie. I even made a plain cream beanie for myself on the long drive home. I had done so much crocheting, that I vowed to not do any for at least a month, maybe two. At least now I get to crochet fun tiny baby things, so sweet. 

If you are contemplating crochet, go for it. I was self/book/you tube taught, and I love it, and it is a great skill to have. Good luck!

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