Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Matryoshka doll

I have received many handmade things recently that are beautiful, but not made by me. There are so many things in fact, that I wanted to spend a few posts on them to show them to you.

First I start with a Christmas present from my mom. For a charity bazaar she made these cute felt, Matryoshka doll ornaments. Along with other items women sold in the bazaar they had a great contribution to the orphanage's in Russia.
I could have gotten better pictures, but that would involve going back into all the Christmas things, and that is not happening for a long time.
Interestingly, even though Matryoshka dolls are very popular in the United states right now, they are not in Russia. Crazy how that happens. I love handmade things from the people I love, check back for more soon.

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